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Micro Mart from Issue 1404 from 10-16 March 2016

English | 92 pages | True PDF | 18 MB

The UK”s only Weekly IT magazine. 100 Pages of news, reviews, features and bargains. Read the whole magazine in PixelMags custom built reader. Micro Mart’s aim is to inform, entertain and involve enthusiasts of all ages and to share our passion for computing with them in a humanised, opinionated and accessible manner.
Since its launch in 1985, Micro Mart has been the first place users look for the UK’s best and most up-to-date computer deals. Micro Mart’s substantial editorial content – over 90 pages minimum each week – covers news, reviews, features, group tests and technical help.
The magazine’s personality-driven style reflects the dozens of writers from across the country who contribute to it, and it allows us to bring in lively debate, bad jokes and up-to-the minute tech opinions. This is all backed up by a thriving online community, with thousands of readers directly interacting with the magazine’s writing team.
In short, it’s a weekly home for computer enthusiasts, regardless of age, location or expertise. It’s fast, responsive, and – over 20 years after it launched – still the place that enthusiasts look first.

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